• An effective reading program based on the most current research findings to accelerate learners toward becoming literate in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • A 15 minute daily one to one tutoring program conducted by trained teachers, paraprofessionals, or volunteers with students reading below grade level
  • The program has been used effectively with kindergarten through fifth graders.
  • A research-based program for developing oral language, concepts of print, listening comprehension, phonemic awareness, and pre-reading/pre-writing skills of young children in Even Start, Head Start, Pre-kindergarten and other childcare programs.
  • A supportive program for parents which includes training workshops and materials to be used in the home to increase pre-reading and reading skills for students from birth through third grade levels.
  • We also have homeschool materials for purchase and for rent!
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Birth to Five Program

Pre-K Thematic Units

Our Pre-K Thematic Units are five day lesson plan kits. All read aloud books, music CDs, and activities are matched to Pre-K Standards. This Pre-K curriculum is approved by Bright from the Start.

  • Five read aloud books or rhymes with matching activities each day
  • Three music and movement activities each day
  • Two small group activities each day
  • Outdoor activities to extend learning during physical development time
  • Calendar time, snack time, closure time activities tied to this unit
  • Work center activities matched to unit
  • Materials and activities to build each child's vocabulary
  • Evaluation that includes anecdotal notes and work samples

Suggested Order of Use During Pre-K Year

  1. Learning About Me at School
  2. Colors, Shapes, and Time in the Everyday World (Part One)
  3. Colors, Shapes, and Time in the Everyday World (Part Two)
  4. Farms Are Filled with Food and Animal Families
  5. A Nursery Rhyme is Mighty Fine!
  6. Autumn in Absolutely Awesome (Part One)
  7. Autumn in Absolutely Awesome (Part Two)
  8. Keeping My Body Healthy and Safe
  9. Transportation-Cars, Trucks and Buses (Part One)
  10. Transportation-Trains, Boats and Airplanes (Part Two)
  11. People in Our Community
  12. Stores Differ From Each Other
  13. Creepy Crawlers
  14. The Many Celebrations in December
  15. Winter Wonderland of Weather (Part One)
  16. Winter Wonderland of Weather (Part Two)
  17. The Wonders of the Sky (Space)
  18. Children Around the World: Learning About Many Cultures
  19. Bird Migrations and Habits
  20. Maps and Measures for Finding Treasures
  21. Music and Musicians That Make Us Move (Part One)
  22. Music and Musicians That Make Us Move( Part Two)
  23. Spring Has Sprung (Part One)
  24. Spring Has Sprung (Part Two)
  25. Authors, Illustrators and Me! (Part One)
  26. Authors, Illustrators and Me! (Part Two)
  27. Traits of Animals in All Environments
  28. Our Nation Past and Present (Part One)
  29. Our Nation Past and Present (Part Two)
  30. Summer Scholars: Transition to Kindergarten

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