• An effective reading program based on the most current research findings to accelerate learners toward becoming literate in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • A 15 minute daily one to one tutoring program conducted by trained teachers, paraprofessionals, or volunteers with students reading below grade level
  • The program has been used effectively with kindergarten through fifth graders.
  • A research-based program for developing oral language, concepts of print, listening comprehension, phonemic awareness, and pre-reading/pre-writing skills of young children in Even Start, Head Start, Pre-kindergarten and other childcare programs.
  • A supportive program for parents which includes training workshops and materials to be used in the home to increase pre-reading and reading skills for students from birth through third grade levels.
  • We also have homeschool materials for purchase and for rent!
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Stage Two, Volume Two

Books, Lesson Plans, and Vocabulary Cards

  • Guided Reading Texts (sets of 12) – 840 books
    (70 titles for Levels A-11 with labels, daily “Guided Reading Lesson Plans,” and Laminated Vocabulary Cards.)

  • Lesson Plans Notebook correlated to Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) in English Language Arts
    (Both Guided Reading Lesson Plans and Shared Reading Lesson Plans are matched to GPS)

Support Materials for Classroom Instruction

  • Guided Reading Rubric Posters – one per teacher

  • Dry Erase Boards, Markers and Erasers – ten per teacher

  • Training Manuals for Teachers and Administrators – one per trainee

  • Training Manuals for paraprofessionals – one per paraprofessional

  • Green and Yellow Letter Cards for Systematic Phonics Instruction – one set

  • Mini-clocks for Fluency Benchmarks - one set (Levels G-11)

  • Word Analysis and Phonics Support Cards - one per teacher

Professional Learning

  • Support for Teachers, Administrators and Paraprofessionals

Contact AlphaSkills for Cost

  • Based on number of teachers to use program.

  • Based on number of students and their current reading levels (IRLs).


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Contact AlphaSkills for pricing beyond that location.
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