• An effective reading program based on the most current research findings to accelerate learners toward becoming literate in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • A 15 minute daily one to one tutoring program conducted by trained teachers, paraprofessionals, or volunteers with students reading below grade level
  • The program has been used effectively with kindergarten through fifth graders.
  • A research-based program for developing oral language, concepts of print, listening comprehension, phonemic awareness, and pre-reading/pre-writing skills of young children in Even Start, Head Start, Pre-kindergarten and other childcare programs.
  • A supportive program for parents which includes training workshops and materials to be used in the home to increase pre-reading and reading skills for students from birth through third grade levels.
  • We also have homeschool materials for purchase and for rent!
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Family Literacy : Spanish

Spanish Development Kits Include:

  • Up to 20 read-aloud paperback books appropriate for age level. 10 titles with one book in English and the same book in Spanish or one book with both translations.
  • 10 laminated family activities with book for seven days (reading, art, social studies, science, math, music, and writing). Side by side English to Spanish translation.
  • 10 laminated games for developing literacy skills. Each game in English and in Spanish.
  • 10 markers – one per kit
  • Sample letter to parents explaining how and why to use the family literacy kits. One side of letter in English and the reverse side in Spanish.
  • Parent forms documenting activities completed to be returned each week – 100 included and permission to copy. One side of letter in English and the reverse side in Spanish.
  • 10 cloth bags for carrying books and activities to and from home with kit number and level on front. Information in both English and Spanish.
  • A notebook for the teacher giving suggestions for organization and distribution of kits in English.
  • Information sheets for teacher use in distribution of kits to each student throughout school year in English.
  • 300 AlphaSkills® gold award stickers for students
"En Español"
Preschool Kits for Three Year Olds
Set of 10 Kits
$395 (includes shipping)
"En Español"
Prekindergarten Kits for Four Year Olds
Set of 10 Kits
$395 (includes shipping)
"En Español"
Kindergarten Kits for Five Year Olds
Set of 10 Kits
$395 (includes shipping)
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